Photo by Justin Paquay

    Monkey say, monkey sigh, magic monkey eye ( detail)

    170 x 150 cm | 2021

    Too many eyes, too little sand ( detail)

    45 x 50 cm | 2021

Geert Koekoeckx’ paintings resemble collage-like theatre pieces – with a baroque twist - in which the painter, as the director, plays with the pictorial possibilities.

The artist is questioning the artist's role. What are his options? How do the artist’s decisions relate to those of the beholder? Are small errors and little ambiguities not the most telling? He places odd objects on shaky, stacked pedestals while fluffy animals are jumping through hoops on multicolored stages. Often the depicted animals are deformed or have amputated limbs. Although it's never really grim. These contradictions are part of Koekoeckx' work. Scale differences are kaleidoscopically intertwined and elaborated details alternate with blurry zones, as a result of which the reality will unfold as a spectacular backdrop.

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